A Turkish ravioli type special to our region.

How to cook?

Stuff material:
2 water glasses of rice
½ water glass of oil
½ kg. mincemeat
2 numbers of medium size onions
salt, black pepper.
Pastry material:
½ kg. flour
2 numbers of eggs
1 dessert spoon of salt
proper amount of water
1 packof bouillon or boiled gelatine in same amount.

On one side inside a saucepan, 2 spoons of margarine oil and onions are mildly blasted,then mincemeat is added and blasted. The washed and prepared blanched rice is inserted in the saucepan and blasted together for 1-2 minutes. Then, 2 glasses of water, 1 dessertspoonful of salt is added 1 teaspoon of black pepper is dusted and mixed and the cover is then closed againg.
Pastry preparation:
2 eggs and 1 dessertspoonful of salt is added into the flour and a dough is prepared as thick as an earlobe. The dough is split into two parts and each part is spread as 2-3 mm thick. These pastes are cut into squares of 7-8 cm.About half spoon of the rice stuff prepared is inserted into the middle of each paste cut in square shape. Then, the four corners of the paste are folded-up orderly onto the stuff (Or the four corners are joined together at the center).
The baking tray is oiled with some amount of margarine oil, the prepared pieces are placed in the tray as the folded parts to come upside. Liquid oil is brushed on this (or both sides can be roasted in the oven by turning them upside down when one side is roasted). When the roasted raviolis are taken off the oven, previously boiled gelatine is poured to cover the raviolis. It is cooked again at medium heatuntil water is gone-off the raviolis. It is served as hot (The raviolis can be prepared in advance and cooked on fire during meal time after adding water.