Never leave Bartın without tasting its famous şapşapmeatballs…

How to cook ?

850 gr. Ground baby beef
150 gr. Ground lamb
50 gr. Onions
30 gr. Bread crumbs
5 gr. Salt
5 gr. Cumin
5 gr. Black pepper
5 gr. Thyme
5 gr. Flaked red pepper(Chili pepper)

All the materials required for the meatballs are all mixed-up and kneaded. Its top is covered and kept to wait in the refrigerator for 60 min.It is taken again on the counter and kneaded again by hitting it on the counter. After making it to wait in the refrigerator for a further 60 min., it is made to get minced in the mincer. It is rolled-up in 30 gram pieces and pressed mildly by hand. It is cooked on the grill prepared of charcoal by turning upside down frequently.