MAD BOY’S HEADWEAR (Deli Oglan Sarigi)

A dessert made frequently in Bartın, Karabükregion…

How to cook?

For its dough:1 water glass of milk, 1 water glass of liquid oil, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of grape vinegar, 3 tablespoons of water, 250 gram butter

For its sherbet:1 kg sugar, 1 kg water, Half lemon
To spread the dough:1 pack of starch

For its top:2 water glasses of liquid oil, 1 water glass of melted butter

All the materials required for the dough are mixed-up. A dough is obtained as thick as an earlobe. The dough is split into flat pieces a little bit larger than the walnut. The dough is made to rest for 20 min.The flat pieces of dough made to rest, are rolled as to be very thin. The rolled filo pastry are pushed by the fingers and rounded-up. These are placed in the oiled tray as rounded. Same process is applied on the other flat pieces, too, and the remaining spaces of the tray are filled-up so. The melted butter or liquid oil is poured on top of the tray. It is cooked for 60 minutes in 180 degree furnace. The materials required for its sherbet (syrup) are boiled for 5 min. in a separate container. Hot sherbet is poured on the dessert which gets cold. Walnut is poured on it as desired and so served.