“Kuş Kayası” Road Monument  virtual tour can be found here..


Located 2,5 miles away from Amasra on the Amasra-Bartın road, the monument was built between 41 and 54 by order of Bithynian Pontian Governor, Gaius Julius Aquila in the name of the Roman Emperor, Tiberius Germanicus Claudius.  Being a unique structure in Anatolia, the monument consists of a statue of a headless human figure, the Roman eagle symbolizing sovereignty and two inscriptions that were all carved into the rocks. On the inscriptions the following text is written: “For the international peace and friendship and the sovereignty of Emperor Germanicus, Gaius Julıus Aquila penetrated the mountain and built this recreation area by his own wealth”. Following the roman road in front of the monument, Kemerdere Bridge located in the Cevizlik valley can be reached after a half mile walk.


Kuş Kayası (Bird Rock) road monument; is at 4 km distance to Amasra on Amasra-Bartın road. It is reached at over Bartın.


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