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Timurcu Hasan Baba, his holiness, from the dervish lodge of the heavenly hosts, spiritual founder and the pride and joy of our Nation, was assigned to disseminate Islamism from Khorasan Herat region and came to our Ulus District with his family in 1300s. The name of his son is Veli Derviş and the name of his grandson is Halil. He constructed an astonishingly strong and a large timber mosque on the riverbanks of Alpı brook by built-up system with wooden nails. Open market was set-up on Fridays and Friday prayer performed after ablution was performed from the river. Nevertheless, a mill and a water-tank with a fountain are among his works. However, this mosque was rebuilt because it undergone some numbers of fires in the past times (it was rebuilt between years 1889-1904 during the summertime of that period. It was repaired in 1946 and maintenance and restoration was applied lastly in 2000; it remained always open for prayer from the date it was built until today. He established a foundation in his name and by establishing a small Islamic monastery and a moslem theological school next to the mosque, he offered a great contribution to Islamism and development of the district socio-economically. After himself, the foundation service, passed onto the exercise of his son Veli Derviş and then to his grandson Halil. Hasan Dede, his Holiness, is buried in his shrine bearing his own name.


Transport to our Ulus district; is ensured by road and over Bartın-Safranbolu road. By following Karabük- Safranbolu-Bartın road it is arrived at Abdipaşa Town, the road turning to the left from there and running 11 kilometers over the bridge, reaches at our Ulus district.


-You can meet your any needs and have some rest in our Ulus District, -After your visit the Hasan Dede Tomb and Hasan Dede Mosque having historical value, - You can make a camp in the Küre Mountains National Park, enjoy the untouched natural beauties, -You can visit Kocagöz Palace located in the centrum of our district (“Küre Mountains National Park Ulus Visitor Center and Ethnography Museum”), -You can see Ulukaya Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls of our Country and you can make trekking in Ulukaya Canyon, -You can visit Şimşirli Baba Mosque and shrine situated on Safranbolu-Bartın road, -And, you can enjoy our natural tree tunnel extending along still  Safranbolu-Bartın road, - You can make a camp in the Küre Mountains National Park, enjoy the untouched natural beauties.