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-Having a Boat Tour in River Bartın -Seeing a Traditional Bartın Wooden House, -Seeing Kuşkayası Road Monument, -Tasting the Water of Ulukaya Waterfall, -Visiting Güzelcehisar Lava Columns, -Hiking at Küre Mountains National Park -Buying a Tel Kırma Handicraft, -Having Fish and Salad in Amasra...  


Surface Area: 2.140 Km² Population: 184.178 (2000) Province Traffic No: 74 Bartın, is located in the western part of the Black Sea Region. Although there is not any precise information available about those early settlers in Bartın and surroundings, it is being thought that the early settlers in the region had been the Gashkas who had come to the locality in the 14. Century B.C. The Gashka dominance in the region had been ended when the Hittite Empire had started to become a significant power. After the Hittite Empire was collapsed; the Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Bythinian Kingdom dominated the region. It is known that during the Roman era Bartın, had come into prominence due to military and economic reasons. When in 395 A.D. the Roman Empire was split into two, it is seen that the region remained within territories of the Eastern Rome side. It is known that after this period, Bizantium dominance lasted in the region, and after the Turks came to Anatolia in the 13.century, Bartın and its vicinity entered under the rule of Candaroğulları Chiefdom. Although in 1395 Yıldırım Bayezid, took Bartın from Candaroğulları Chiefdom, the Genoese colony present in Amasra kept on its impact and Amasra entered under Ottoman sovereignty in 1460 during Fatih Sultan Mehmet period. Bartın, became in 1924 Zonguldak’s district and in 1991, became province.  


Most part of transport to Bartın is ensured by highway. Highway: The total highway length of Bartın Province is 281 km and 142 km of this is state highways and 139 km is within provincial roads network. No motorway is available in the Province. The highway ensuring the intercity transport of Bartın; reaches at E-5 State highway by E-80 Motorway over Çaycuma-Devrek (Zonguldak) – Mengen-Yeniçağa (Bolu) in the west, and Safranbolu (Karabük)-Gerede (Bolu) in the south. It is opened to Central and East Black Sea  and Central Anatolia over Cide (Kastamonu) in the east and still  Safranbolu (Karabük) in the south. Regular bus trips are being made everyday from Bartın to Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Trabzon, Bursa and Antalya. Railway: The railway station nearest to Bartın; is in Saltukova (Zonguldak) 38 km away. Airway: The airport nearest to Bartın; is in Saltukova (Zonguldak) 38 km away. Seaway : The Bartın port serving as an international port in Bartın which is a coastal city, is in the same time a passenger entry-exit gate. Jointly with Bartın port in the province, the Amasra and Kurucaşile ports, render service as national commercial ports. Minibus trips every half an hour exist between Bartın and Amasra. Minibus trips every half an hour exist between Bartın and Ulus. Minibus trips every one hour exist between Bartın and Kurucaşile.